Limousines are basically used to remember most of our memorable days and special occassions.Also to show the luxury and elegance some people may use Limousines.There are several types of Limousines:The Traditional,modern,exotic,novelty,etc.

The traditional limousines often are available in black or white and maintain everywhere from a couple to about ten. This enables just for you and you partner or 3 to 4 partners. That you don’t desire to be packed so when the limousine firm claims ten which means it’ll maintain six easily will be held by a limousine.Example for a traditional limo is the Lincoln limousine used by the US president Calvin Coolidge in 1927.

Exotic limos are available in all kinds and designs (as well as titles: you will find them known as uniqueness limos, custom limos, along with other names to specify them as fun). Generally observed uniqueness limo and a popular may be the Hummer limousine. These customized limousines really are a boost to get a team likely to an event. You view movies can jam about the stereo, and revel in the light-show inside. It definitely is a choice for prom although this is not the limousine you had need for the wedding.Get additional information at Miami limo.

Modern limousine have separate chassis,carve up platform body.The models are based on SUV.Examples for modern limousine are Cadillac,Chrysler 300,Lincoln Navigator L,Mercedes Benz S-Class,etc.

The Novelty limousines are of several types.Several types of cars can be converted to novelty limousines.Colours like pink purple and shades of rose are used for a novelty limo.This is why because to express individuality on some occassions.Examples for Novelty limousine are Volkswagen Beetle,Lada,Trabant,Fiat Panda.